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Mobile command units

In order to react to react lighting-fast to changing situations during large scale operations or natural catastrophes, you need a technologically advanced and highly professional command unit. The foundation for this is a space that is fully self-contained and meets the technical requirements for emergency situations.

System integration for various applications

Zepter manufactures precisely these kinds of systems: container-type mobile command units.

System integration can be planned individually for a wide range of applications, e.g. military or civil use. Our standard product range includes 2 types of mobile command units with different sizes and shapes.

Mobile Command Post Container Type SMCP 1:2 and Type SMCP 1:3.


System integration tent

It’s also possible to implement tents along with your command units.

To furnish these tents as quickly as possible in an emergency, Zepter has developed 2 special types of work desks which can be assembled in no time at all.


Mobile command units


Technical Details Container System


Mobile command units

Technical details of the container systems


Further descriptions of the mobile command units

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