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In addition to stationary and mobile tower cabs, we also offer various accessories.


Elektrisch angetriebene Start- und Landerichtungsanzeige



Mini Cab

Mini Cab


  • Air conditioners
    (as central a/c systems or as an affordable split-inverter system with heating+cooling, as shown in the photo)
    Klimaanlagen - Zepter
  • Articulated LED workspace lamps
    (installed on the control desks)
    Arbeitsplatz-LED-Gelenkleuchte - Zepter
  • Workspace lamps (spot lamps)
    positioned above the control desks and integrated into the console roof, shown here in conjunction with built-in LED panel
    Arbeitsplatzleuchten - Zepter
  • Light guns
    (incl. transformer and searchlight for transmitting visual signals between TWR and aircraft or ground vehicles)
    Signalscheinwerfer - Zepter
  • Light gun lifts
    (integrated into suspended ceiling)
    Signalscheinwerfer-Aufzüge - Zepter
  • LED obstruction lights
    (as single or double lights)
    LED-Hindernisbefeuerungen - Zepter
  • Landing direction indicator plates
    (electrically and manually adjustable; aluminum, fold-up design, mounted on the platform railing)
    Landebahn-Kennzeichnungsschilder - Zepter
  • Wind direction indicators (windsocks)
    available in various sizes
    Windrichtungsanzeiger (Windsäcke) - Zepter
  • DL150 rotating beacon
    Drehfeuer - Zepter

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