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Control desks

Universal consoles

Zepter offers the complete package – fully equipped tower cabin systems

Universal consoles, designed as modular aluminum welded structures, comprising a console base, body, writing surface and upper console section, all screwed together.

Available in the following dimensions:

W = 1036 x T = 950 x H = 1060 mm / base 2 x 19″ 12 RU
W = 519 x T = 950 x H = 1060 mm / base 1 x 19″ 12 RU

Special widths and corner desk versions are also available.

Paint: Textured RAL 7032
(other RAL color tones and powder coating also possible)

Body and upper console section designed to accommodate 19″ plug-in components. The installation openings are concealed by blank panels.

Upon request, the 19″ installation frames in the base area can also be sealed with a removable door.

Airport control desks

Aluminum desk comprising 4 separable modules:

  • Base (2 heights available)
  • Body with 2×19″/12RU plug-in system, retaining bracket for plug-in units with profile rails for continuous height adjustment. As shown in the photo, the body can be installed rotated 180°. The 19″ components would then be installed from the back of the desk.
  • The writing surface module features a worktop which is milled out to receive the plexiglass inlay with melamine laminate or optionally with an even higher quality Corian worktop with a post-formed front edge. If the desks are used without the console structure, the writing surface module is given an additional continuous worktop (melamine or Corian) to accommodate monitors, printers, etc.
  • Desk structure, front inclination angle 45°, 2 x 19″ / 10 RU, ventilation slots in the rear facet of the structure. (Desk top available with various inclination angles upon request.) Blank panels available in same color as desk or matte black. Retaining strip, dimmable reading lights as 19″ plug-in components upon request. Specially sized, mechanically prepared cut-outs with corresponding built-in brackets for equipment can also be provided upon request.

Aluminum modular desk

“z-line” design

Functional description

“z-line console”

Airport tower console, specially developed for use in stationary airport control tower cabs.

The tower console consists of a highly stable and torsion-resistant aluminum welded structure. Material, AlMg3, t= 3mm, trimmed and welded as per structural requirements.

Surface powder-coated or painted in RAL according to customer specifications.

To facilitate routing and disconnection of various cables, vertical cable compartments are integrated into the desk pedestals (desk pedestal cross-section approx. 400x80mm.) Underneath the desktop, the desk pedestals are connected by a cable trough. The cable glands integrated into the desktop allow for cables to be routed directly from the displays or the “remote panels” over the cable trough and through the desk pedestals into the legroom compartment. All the tables in a desk system are interconnected by cable routing openings.

In addition, each desk speaker is accessible through a viewing opening installed on the inside of the speaker. A cable routing opening leading to the cable trough makes it possible to hook up a “headset jack,” for example, in the front end of the desk speaker under the desktop.

The fully variable desk system can be used, first of all, as a regular work desk featuring a continuous desktop with a stable substructure, two desk pedestals and a base with footrests.

In addition, any 19-inch add-on components can be installed at various front inclines. Depending on the required installation depth of the add-on components, the area of the desktop between the add-on component and the back edge of the desktop is equipped to accommodate TFT monitors. The add-on components are mounted in a 19-inch assembly frame, leaving them accessible from all sides to allow for cable routing. These units are fully protected by a separate hood.

The body module, with 2 x 12 RU 19-inch plug-in frames, can be installed either with the equipment operating side facing the footwell or rotated 180°. This protects the device controls from being damaged as a result of the operator accidentally kicking them.

If the 19-inch components are installed facing forward, there is also the option of adding a continuous protective cover in front of them in the footwell.

The body is fitted with the 19-inch “rack” with continuously adjustable retaining brackets for the plug-in components.

DIN 33402 Human body dimensions
DIN 66234 VDU workstations
DIN 33414 Ergonomic design
DIN 40050 Degrees of protection
DIN 43719 Mechanical grid system
DIN 41494 19″-rack equipment
VDE 0022 regulations

Performance standards

All control desks comply with the following standards:

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