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Mobile Tower

In addition to stationary towers, Zepter also manufactures mobile towers. These can be used, for example, while a new tower is being built or on airfields that can only be used for a limited period of time. Mobile towers are flexible and transportable, making them ideal for occasional events that take place in different locations, e.g. Formula 1 races. They can be operated as completely stand-alone systems, creating space for meetings and coordinated activities.

The control center for safety

Based on your individual specifications and requirements, the technical equipment is precisely integrated in special workspaces and supplied ready to run.

ATC Tower Cab Model MATC-CB

Outer dimensions:

Length    6058 mm
Width   2438 mm
Height     2438 mm

The rectangular floor design allows for enough interior space to accommodate at least 3 controllers. Sandwich design double aluminum walls lined with thermal and acoustic insulation. The panoramic glazing consists of double insulated protective laminated glass.

The mobile tower matches the dimensions of a 20′ ISO container, allowing it to be relocated by truck at any time. The mobile towers are also suitable for air transport and can be transported whole with a Hercules C-130. Since they are UIC-approved, the towers can be transported worldwide by any mode of transportation. On-top loading applies for transportation by ship.

All mobile tower systems can be operated either by scissor lift system or on top of a standard 20′ ISO container.

We also produce control desks for all mobile towers. Click the link for more information.



Mobile tower with with scissor lift system

2-axle trailer with scissor lift system

Operation on top of building or container

Mobile tower on top of building or container

We also produce control desks for all mobile towers. Click the link for more information.

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