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Stationary tower cabin systems

Since 1967, we have been supplying and installing our proprietary, standardized and pre-built airport control tower cabins and individual solutions.

The control tower cabins we developed in close collaboration with the  German Air Traffic Control Department (BFS) comply not only with their guidelines but also with the international guidelines of the ICAO.


We can also manufacture and deliver special constructions and designs.

In addition, we offer standardized and pre-built cabs in 9 sizes. As a rule, they meet all requirements and often serve as a planning basis for architects and project planners.

They are available in nine different sizes:

Type LP = floor area 5.42 m2
Type A-N1 = floor area 16.64 m2
Type AK-N1 = floor area 19.92 m2
Type B-N1 = floor area 21.64 m2
Type BK-N1 = floor area 25.68 m2
Type CK-N1 = floor area 32.88 m2
Type DK-N1/-N2 = floor area 37.75m² / 46.00m2
Type EK-N1 = floor area 58.50 m2

Stationary tower cabin systems

Building stationary towers

Load-bearing structures and cladding

The base construction of the cab consists of a steel platform with revolving outer railing (completely hot-dip galvanized). The welded steel support structure is composed of special hollow profiles and steel profiles according to static calculations.

The hot-dip galvanized equipment carrier on top of the cab consists of a special tubing system which both diverts the static loads of all sensors and roof structures and keeps all the cables protected from the elements. The circular beam is therefore sufficiently furnished with all necessary tube sockets, flanges and revision openings.

The roof system consists of a combination of sound- and heat-absorbing materials with an integrated vapor trap, conforming to DIN. The sealing consists of high-quality Evalon foil, additionally protected with special protection mats and a final layer of concrete paving slabs as permanent protection from mechanical loads.

The exterior cladding is made of thermally isolated extruded profiles.  The parapet and handrail panels consist of aluminum sandwich elements which can be mounted with screws and concealed by means of terminal strips, the same way as the glazing. The structure’s thermal insulation keeps the system free of thermal bridges. The use of EPDM sealing gives the system a high-quality appearance and allows for panels and glazing to be changed anytime. The cladding is protected with a weatherproof powder coating. The facade can be painted any RAL color.

The panoramic glazing is made of insulated glass. Optionally, solar glass and sound reduction glass (up to 50dB) are available.

The exterior platform is used as a catwalk and features diagonal gridirons and outer railings. If necessary, an emergency hatch can be installed in the floor. The roof can be accessed by means of an aluminum ladder with a protective cage. For cabin size CK-N1 or larger, we can provide the cabs with a folding ladder and a hatch leading to the cabin roof.


Tower Essen-Mühlheim – EDLE

Interior fittings

The interior cladding of the cab is designed to minimize glare and optimize overall room acoustics.

The suspended ceiling is comprised of a perforated, sound-absorbing cassette system, in matte anthracite.

The aluminum window sills and pillar claddings are also painted anthracite.The interior lighting is provided by modular LED lights integrated into the ceiling. Also integrated into the ceiling are anti-glare and dimmable ceiling spotlights above the workstations.

The balustrade cladding below the window sills is made of acoustic panels F30.

We also produce control desks for all stationary tower systems. Click the link for more information.

Construction of the tower at Airbus

Hamburg Finkenwerder

Tower Airbus Hamburg-Finkenwerder – EDHI

We also produce control desks for all stationary tower systems. Click the link for more information.

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