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Medi-conzept® functional furniture

Our functional furniture system program includes an array of tall cabinets, substructure, wall-mounted and top-mounted cabinets, as well as accessory equipment.

This ensures a maximum of flexibility with regard to planning, use and application. The unmatched machining quality and selection of premium materials are a guarantee for absolute durability and robustness, e.g. under strenuous hospital use conditions.

Adaptations to architectural building requirements, special designs customized to your standards and requirements are no problem. Even after years of use, we guarantee you will still be able to do add-ons, retrofits, relocations, de-installations and re-installations.

medi-conzept® meets the highest standards of hygiene and guarantees optimum cleaning results every time.

medi-conzept® – Product Features at a Glance


Steel, zinc-plated, 1.0mm aluminum, 1.0mm stainless steel, CNS 1.4301, 1.0mm



Steel and aluminum design:

  • high quality, environmentally friendly, facade-grade powder coating
  • extremely high shock/impact/scratch resistance
  • disinfectant-resistant
  • hygienic
  • very low-maintenance
  • non-reflecting
  • color selection from RAL standard color chart
  • color selection from RAL design color chart or NCS color chart on request


Stainless steel design:


  • ground smooth, grain size 240
  • optionally with additional powder coating




  • completely robust, torsion-resistant and self-supporting design
  • for all commercially available modular systems
  • can also be delivered disassembled, thanks to special construction
  • side panels, middle panels, cabinet floors and rooves feature a double-walled, noise-insulating sandwich design with special liner applied throughout
  • middle panels can be dismounted or retrofitted using basic tools– single-leaf back panel




  • double-walled, noise-insulating sandwich design with special liner applied throughout.
  • continuous seal around entire perimeter


One absolutely unique feature is our functional furniture system program FireSafety concept with “self-extinguishing action”.Now, even rooms in building areas (e.g. corridors) which are vulnerable to fire hazards can be safely utilized.All the product features of the medi-conzept® program are also included.In addition, design and system variations such as our “top-conzept” folding door cabinet program are a must as a space-saving tool in storage and warehousing.



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