Over 40 years of experience in airport equipment!

In 1967, responding to a customer request, Zepter developed an airport control tower cab in accordance with the guidelines of the Air Traffic Control Department. The tower cab they built was installed at the site by Zepter’s own technicians and was met with full approval among experts. Over the next few years, they went on to develop a standardized product line with nine different cab models for practically any need.

In 1975, the department that produced these airport control tower cabs became ZEPTER FLUGTECHNIK GmbH. They continued to improve and update the design of their cabs. As a result, today, we have cabs that are maintenance-free, regardless of climatic conditions, thanks to an aluminum facade which never needs to be repainted.


We provide the full package

The cabs also come with control desks, air conditioners, meteorological instrumentation, light guns, etc.

So far, over 200 stationary and mobile control tower cabs have been commissioned worldwide. All Zepter cabs and booths comply with the current regulations on noise and heat insulation. Another success story was the development of fully climate-controlled shelters for a variety of air traffic control purposes and in particular for use in countries with extreme climatic conditions. Mobile NDB (non-directional beacon) shelters and one DF (directional beacon) shelter were delivered pre-assembled on two-wheel trailers for air traffic control projects in Africa. We also produced several mobile units for use as UHF transmitter shelters. In addition, we engineered mobile meteorological stations, equipped with the latest technology. These two-axle vehicles with fully climate-controlled cabins and two workspaces, as well as diesel generator for fully autonomous operation, were supplied as part of an export order.

References for our past projects are available on request.


A family-owned business with over 80 years of history

1929 – Abert Zepter opens a metalworking shop

1955 – Albert’s son Friedrich Zepter takes over the company

1957 – Construction of the new company building in Mühlenbergstraße, the industrial area of Neunkirchen

1958 – The company becomes a limited parthnership. Production continues to focus on metal housings for various products

1967 – The first order for an airport control tower cab. The prototype for what would become the standard cab line is engineered and manufactured in-house in accordance with the requirements of the Air Traffic Control Department. Our own technicians then installed the unit on site. Over the years, this project lead to the development of a standardized product range comprising nine basic cab designs, each flexibly adaptable to customer specifications.

1975 – Zepter Flugtechnik GmbH is established. To date, over 250 Zepter stationary and mobile control tower cabs have been commissioned. Expansion of the production line-up at Zepter GmbH + Co.KG: sound-proofing enclosures, machine cladding and housings of all types, “Electrotechnology” department – complete switchgear cabinets as per planning documents.

1994 – New “Special vehicle construction” product line (DIN-compliant aluminum structures with bearing units and customer-requested equipment for signaling and radio systems in small fire-fighting vehicles)

1999 –  Friedrich Zepter’s son-in-law, Hartmut Ginsberg, becomes sole managing director

2001 – Equipment concept for medical engineering – functional cabinet systems for all health care sectors, clinics, laboratories, industries.

Seit 2008 – Direct supplier of an innovative line of medical engineering products under the names medi-conzept®, vario-conzept, top-conzept and FireSafety-conzept

2014 – Hartmut Ginsberg’s son-in-law Timm Schulz joins as Co-CEO

2015 – Zepter Flugtechnik GmbH expands its product range – interior fittings of mobile command units for a variety of sectors, fire departments, police, military

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