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Driver cabs and control cabs

We offer you every possible manufacturing option, so that your products will have the look you want, plus the optimal technical solution. Depending on the customer’s needs, we offer a wide array of designs, including compact welded closed cabins or semi-closed cabins with sliding doors, open back wall, available in an extremely wide range of sizes.

  • Customized special design adapted to body size for ergonomic requirements
  • Single part or series production
  • Robust design, created especially for the metallurgical industry
  • Variable design, adapted to requirements, including transport-related specifications
  • Ventilation or air conditioning
  • Electrical installation
  • Coatings in all RAL colors

If need be, we can also fit your control cabin with manual or fully automatic doors, aeration or ventilation systems, air conditioning systems or electrical safety elements and other installed components.

Driver cabs and control cabs

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